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Women's Wellness Clinic of Woodland is fully supported on donations. Generous Hearts are welcome here. 

We are active in prayer & hopeful for generous & bold sponsorship to help us open our physical doors by Fall 2022.

We are in need of $150,000 so we can do just that. Help us OPEN so we can serve & carry out GOD's call for LIFE.

Currently, we accept PayPal & Venmo, & if you are feeling led to write a check instead, please mail check to:

Women's Wellness Clinic of Woodland, Inc.

P.O. Box 659, Woodland, WA  98674

How Can I "Give" to Help a Woman  "Choose Life?"...

For $249.00 a month, that sponsorship from your heart, helps support Life. 

-The cost for one ultrasound is approximately $249.00.

Abortion Facts:

-3,300 abortions happen every day in the United States (Project Ultrasound, 2020).

-Girls & women who are "abortion-minded", after seeing her unborn baby on an ultrasound are choosing life. In fact, 60-70% are saying YES to Life (Project Ultrasound, 2020).

-The impact of your generous heart, allows an unborn child's heart to keep beating & the Life that is created in GOD's image to be born.

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