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Abortion Recovery Ministry

Our heart at the Women's Wellness Clinic is to see every woman effected by abortion, healed of trauma and free from shame. We want to walk with you and support you through the process to healing in a safe, supportive, and confidential space.

Surrendering the Secret

Abortion Recovery Bible Study

If you or someone you know has suffered from an abortion(s) we have a confidential and safe place for prayer, empowerment, and healing as we go through “Surrendering the Secret” by Patricia Layton.

Sessions start approximately every 8 weeks and we gather weekly at the Women's Wellness Clinic.

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For any questions, call WWC at 360-813-0541 or email

After going through "Surrendering the Secret", you're invited to join us on the next step of your healing journey, through "A Choice to Remember" 

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A Choice to Remember

Abortion Recovery Study

This study supplements & allows the healing journey to continue. We address the whole self—spirit, soul, and body by providing practical tools to help you begin moving through the guilt, shame, and heartbreak of abortion. Polly’s writing style offers comfort, strength, and encouragement while guiding you on a journey to true wholeness, freedom, and transformation.

For any questions, call WWC at 360-813-0541 or email
STS session
A Choice to Remember

Post Abortive Support Group

You will find a safe and confidential space to join other women working through the grief and trauma in our Post-Abortive Support Group. It is not required that participants have attended Surrendering the Secret  Bible Study, but it is highly encouraged.

This group meets the last Thursday of each month from 7-8:30pm  at Women's Wellness Clinic.


No sign-up or appointment is necessary.

Support group
Support Group

Find Out More About Surrendering the Secret

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