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My Self-Care Story

Hi friend, so glad you’re here! I’m Stacy, Founder and CEO of Women’s Wellness Clinic of Woodland, and
I’d like to share my story with you.

My story is one that most can relate to. It begins riddled with brokenness and heartbreak. Then is later
woven back together with threads of love, mercy, and grace. All the while learning to forgive and receive
healing in the process. Join me as I transparently share my heart and past with you. My sincerest prayer
is that through this journey, you too may find everlasting hope in Jesus and the courage to be the voice
for the unborn.

It all started when I was a teenager. I was struggling with impulsivity, a need for control, always seeking
and looking for the next best thing. There was an inner void, and I did everything I could to fill it. From
using substances, having unhealthy relationships with men, becoming a people please, and over working
to keep my mind preoccupied. Constantly running away from anyone or anything that did not
understand or satisfy me.

I was looking forward to my 18th birthday, thinking things would be different. Genuinely believing that
then and only then could I finally break-free and get away. Ultimately allowing me to really do things my
way. Or so I thought. I continued giving myself away in relationships and giving into self-destructive
behaviors. I knew I was hurting but had yet to realize the pain I felt was the consequence of my poor
choices. As a result, the vicious cycle continued.

Everything came to a head at 19 when my first year of college was wrapping up. I found myself pregnant
preparing to go home for the summer. I was returning to a father and mother who loved me and worked
so hard to provide. Yet I couldn’t help but feel ashamed, scared, and so alone. I was a mess and felt as
though my entire world crashing in on me. I experienced every emotion possible as the reality of my
situation continued to sink in. My mind was racing. I lived in a small town, how could I let others see me
pregnant and living at home?

I mustered up the courage to tell my mom the news, and her reaction was to take another pregnancy
test. The pregnancy was confirmed, yet again, and a decision made. There was only one clinic in town
that had the ability to terminate my pregnancy and keep it discrete. I will never forget the moment I
entered that large, historic building only walking distance from Lake Superior. When I look back on that day,
not once during the consultation did anyone mention keeping my baby. Alternatives like foster care or
adoption were not discussed. Abortion was the only option presented, and plans were made to move
forward with the procedure. I couldn’t help but feel like I was running away from my problems again.
I found myself on an abortion table in Duluth, Minnesota on June 27, 1991, making the decision to take
the life of my unborn child. I will never forget the look of pain and terror in the eyes of the nurse who
help my hand during the procedure. She tried her best to comfort me, but her face said it all. I still recall
hearing the noises coming from the suction machine, the coldness of that room and how ill I began to
feel. Then it was over. The abortion was complete, and I made the call home confirming the news. My
mom returned only hours after dropping me off that morning. There was no doubt about whether my
mom loved me or not. She thought she was helping me and didn’t know any other solutions. She didn’t
want my life to “end” because of an unplanned pregnancy. So, she lent herself as a support the best way
she knew how.

Once home I crawled into bed and ironically, laid in the fetal position for hours. I was in so much pain
physically and emotionally; I felt numb and hallow. My mind attempting to process what took place in
the days to follow. Eventually my body recovered from the ordeal, but my inner healing had yet to
begin. The anguish I felt continued to fester and grow. The abortion was supposed to get me back on
track. Help me pick up right where I left off. Instead, I felt myself wondering if that would ever be the

I bought into the lie that the abortion would be my ticket to freedom. When it would prove to be one of
the deepest wounds I would ever experience. Self-medicating with relationships, parities and alcohol
only got me so far. I was at a loss of what I could do to be whole again. Little did I know that things were
about to change. One encounter with Jesus turned everything around and from that point on my life
was transformed. He restored my soul, took away my pain and offered me forgiveness for my sins.
Extended mercy for the sin I had committed and better still drew me closer. Jesus embraced me in the
middle of my brokenness

If Jesus had not stepped in, I would not be where I am today.

This is the story that started it all. The one that catapulted me into my mission of creating a network of
support for pregnant mothers and their families.

Maybe you’ve walked this road yourself, or someone close to you has. Remember, you are never alone. 


If your story is waiting to be heard, please stop in, send us an email, or give us a call today. We are waiting to help empower you. 


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