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We are kicking off our baby bottle drive on
Sanctity of Human Life Sunday,
January 22nd, 2023.  

A baby bottle drive is an opportunity for you to provide life-affirming pregnancy support services to families in need. The collection of change, bills and checks as a special offering supports your local Women's Wellness Clinic of Woodland. All proceeds will help us support the mom's of these precious unborn babies & offer a variety of services that support life.

Working with your church-appointed coordinator, we will provide the supplies and work with you on the logistics of delivery and pickup. You will distribute empty baby bottles for church attendees to take home, fill and bring back to church at the end of the drive on February 3rd, 2023.

If your school, homeschool co-op, church, or small business want to help support LIFE, please call 360-813-0541 and we will get you baby bottles to fill with change, cash, or checks. If you'd like to support the baby bottle drive with a one-time electronic donation, you can do so right here!

Your support will help save save the babies that GOD has created in His image.

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